Tuesday, May 21, 2024

A Short Vort

ICC prosecutor Karim Asad Ahmad Khan (Wiki)
I’m having computer issues today. Lost my entire post. I will try however to sum it up in a few words. The gist of which is that the arrest warrants issued by ICC prosecutor Karim Khan against Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defense Minsiter Yoav Gallant are every bit as outrageous as President Biden said they are. For exactly the reasons he gave:

“Let me be clear,” the president said in the statement, “whatever this prosecutor might imply, there is no equivalence – none – between Israel and Hamas.”

Speaking at a White House reception marking Jewish American Heritage Month later Monday, Biden reiterated his stance that the ICC’s pursuit of an arrest warrant is without merit.

“It’s clear Israel wants to do all it can to ensure civilian protection,” Biden said. “Let me be clear: What’s happening is not genocide.”

 But that didn’t stop France and Belgium (among other European nations) from agreeing with those ICC warrants. 

Which proves to me once again that Europe is every bit as antisemitic as it has always been. Only that now they don’t even realize it. 

As opposed to the US where even a president critical of Israel is clearly not. Nor do I believe that the vast majority of Americans over 30 are. May Europe sink into the ground where it belongs!