Monday, March 06, 2006

Teaneck... The Day After

Last night there was supposed to be a major event in Teaneck, New Jersey. I could not attend but I assume it took place as scheduled. Many people, including me, thought this had the potential to have been a breakthrough for a rapprochement between Modern Orthodoxy and Right Wing Orthodoxy. That three prominent Charedi Roshei Yeshiva addressed a crowd of what was most likely almost exclusively Modern Orthodox Jews could be a harbinger of better things to come. The divide between two camps has been growing in recent years and they have been quite at odds with each other over various issues.

Now that is after the fact, I would like to know what happened there. If anyone who reads this blog was there I would like to hear any report or comment at all about what took place. Was it a Kiddush HaShem? Was there reciprocal recognition by these Charedi rabbinic leaders the rabbinic leaders of Modern Orthodoxy? Will there be invitations forthcoming to YU Roshei Yeshiva to address the Batei Midrashim of the Charedi Yeshivos? Will these Roshei Yeshiva participate with RYs from YU like Rav Hershel Shachter in any future events? Were ANY of the “ten questions” of my post on this subject asked and/or answered?

I would appreciate anyone’s report and/or analysis on the evening.