Friday, September 01, 2006

Exposing a Mindset

There was a comment made in my last thread that was so egregious, so immoral, so repugnant, I can barely stand it! It surprises and shocks even me. I did not know that this mentality was so openly expressed in the public square. I had always believed that, though it exists, it was kept under the table and hidden from public view. I had always believed that those who had this view were embarrassed enough to keep it to themselves, while they expressed a more positive public face… even if for no other reason than to get all the funding they generously get from the

But I was obviously quite wrong. That some individuals and even institutions in the Ultra-Orthodox community have been caught misappropriating funds merely underscores their contempt for our government.

I reproduce that comment here. I do so for the purpose of exposing it to the world... to fellow religious and ethical Jews who are either not quite aware that it exists or don’t know the extent of it. They must now become aware. Only public exposure, humiliiation, and then public pressure will force them to re-think their positions and realize the error of their thinking. Promises of “in house” sanctions will not suffice. It will be papered over. This is ingrained into the thinking of entire communities and endorsed by some of their leadership.

Here is the relevant excerpt from the comment of that anonymous

“…But the main thrust is that these oh so fine American goyim are shkotzim, just like their German cousins.”

“You have bought the liberal baloney that all prejudice is wrong. This has no basis in Jewish thought and is simply a goyishe value valued by you in place of Yiddisher hashgofos.”

“Only fifty years ago our fathers and grandfather were murdered by people who had been peaceful neighbours. We have been taught the hard way that a goy hates a Yied. Period.”

“Multi culturalism is a sick joke. We Heimish understand better than anyone the fallacy of political correctness.”

“Nothing has changed in the eye blink of time that has passed since then. So many liberal Jews get carried away saying how today's goyim aren't the same. Nothing could be further from the truth.”

“You will hate me and mock me but I repeat what every 5 year old cheder yingel knows. A goy is a goy. A yied is a Yied. A goy hates a Yied.”

“Only 50 years have passed since the biggest massacre in history of Jews by Germans who were generally well mannered and polite. Have you learnt nothing? Remember the maskilim died together with the Kanoim in the camps. Remember the Blacks attack any Jew - with or without prejudice.”

End of excerpt.

Unfortunately I know this type of person. I have met him and spoken to him. His views are serious. And he is not alone amongst our people. This mentality exists. It
is born of a history of ancestral persecution among the nations. And it has successfully been transplanted by their transitional forbearers (grandparents or parents who as immigrants experienced it first hand in Europe prior to immigrating here) here in this Medinah Shel Chesed.

I have heard it before… many times. Primarily amongst Chasidim. They view all non
Jews as near Nazis. They scream “Esav Soneh L’Yaakov” as their rationale. They consider it a Mitzvha Min HaMuvchar to disparage, cheat and steal… and do anything they can get away with to non-Jews. The idea of Tzelem Elokim is foreign to them. Kavod HaBriyos does not apply to them.

The do not know the many sources in Gemarah where our sages strongly condemn such attitudes towards out fellow human beings. And such attitudes, besides being inherently Assur and morally repugnant can bring untold harm to Klal Yisroel.

This attitude needs to be exposed. They have to be taken to task for it. Many will question the wisdom of exposing such thinking to the public. But There is no other way, at this point to stop it. Those rabbinic leaders who have condoned such behavior must be forced to confront this issue and change this mindset. Instead of encouraging this attitude, they are to loudly condemn it. Without public exposure and change, this attitude will continue and cause great shame to the Torah and harm to the soul of our people.