Sunday, March 30, 2008

Reuven's Progress - Baruch Hashem!!!

My daughter, Tova Chaya, has written a message about her son Reuven that I would like to share with my readers. I just want to add my own Hakaras HaTov to HaShem Yisborach for all of His Chasodim Tovim. And yet, we still need all the Teffilos to continue. Reuven is not out of the woods yet. Her message follows:

Baruch Hashem!!!

Yes we are starting to see major improvement in Reuven's recovery from his time here in the bone marrow unit. Although he does still have ways to go to a complete recovery (I"YH), we feel that we must thank HaKadosh Baruch Hu for His amazing kindness each step the way.

Reuven's fever is gone, and Baruch Hashem we are starting to see his counts come back. The doctors are hopeful that we may come home in the beginning to middle of this coming week B"EH!

It has been a long, hard few weeks, especially this past week itself. Reuven was not up to doing anything other than resting and sleeping. - He didn't even want to watch a video - then you knew it was bad :)

Right now he just had a bath where he played with bath crayons for a while. He came out to eat a popsicle. Enjoying these kinds of things is something he has not done in the past week.

Right now Neil (A.K.A. Menachem) just brought Elisha (Reuven’s older brother) to visit him for the first time since Reuven's admission. They are playing a serious game of Monopoly Junior. When Neil asked who is the most happy here, we all raised our hands (Elisha raised both). We feel so blessed.

We thank you all for the calls (even those that we did not return), visits, dinners, thoughts and of course Tefillos.

Please don't stop with those Tefillos. They are going staight to Shamayim. We must also say thanks to both of our parents for dropping everything and coming in to keep seder in our house, and just keeping our children happy. Even when it may have been paticularly hard to come at this time.

We daven that we can continue to provide everyone with good news, and that Reuven and all the cholim of Klal Yisroel should have a REFUAH SHELAIMA B'Karov.

With Sincere Hakaras Hatov,
Menachem and Tovi Kirshner