Tuesday, April 15, 2008

A Messianist Concert

Would anyone attend a concert sponsored by false Messianists - if it featured two very popular Frum singers?

A few of posts ago, I wrote about how sad it is that Askanim have taken control over the world of Charedim … how sad it is that an Askan tried to undermine a concert featuring two very popular performers.

Now I’m told that the sponsors were Chabad Meshichists. That’s OK?! No problem?! I knew that Chabad sponsored it. And I also know that most of Chabad in Israel is Meshichist. What I didn't know is that this fact was part of the concert's promotion. Perhaps I should have.

Why wasn’t the concert banned for that reason? Why do two mainstream Frum performers consent to participating in such an event? Why did Rav Yosef give his approval to that? According to posters advertising the event, Yechi was proclaimed and the fact that Rebbe continues to live in the fullest physical sense.

As one individual put it in an e-mail, 'Isn't it wonderful that an event proclaiming posthumous false Messianism will have a separation between men and women?' Apparently the dangers of a promoting a false Messiah is nothing compared to the dangers of attending a Frum separate seating concert.