Thursday, June 12, 2008

Speaking of Rabbi Horowitz...

VIN informs us that Rabbi Yakov Horowitz was the recipient today of the prestigious Covenant Award by the The Covenant Foundation. This is a national Jewish organization that honors outstanding Jewish educators around the U.S. for their creative approaches to Jewish education in North America. Rabbi Horowitz is one of three recipients so recognized his year. The following was part of a press release issued by them today:

Rabbi Yakov Horowitz began teaching at age eighteen, when he volunteered to work with restless kids who were having serious problems at school. His career as an educator has grown at every stage from his love for each child as an individual and his willingness to go where others might feel inhibited. His work has brought him not only to lead an exceptional yeshiva but to provide advice, training, and professional development to parents and teachers throughout his community and beyond, and to bring technological innovation to the timeless transmission of Torah. “He believes that the secrets to both parenting and Jewish education are intense engagement with children, a deep understanding of the needs of each child and the wisdom (and courage) to act in his/her best interests without regard for convention,” says his nominator, Yossi Prager of the AVI CHAI Foundation. The school Rabbi Horowitz leads, Yeshiva Darchei Noam (literally, “Paths of Pleasantness”), is known for its loving attention to the overall well-being of each and every student.

I want to add my own congratulations to Rabbi Horowitz for an honor well deserved.