Thursday, July 10, 2008

Charedi Idol

I guess that there are some areas of entertainment that are not verboten yet. This incudes owning any device that has a visual screen on any player.

MP4 players are banned – precisely because of the visual images that can be accessed there. is the most commonly download material from the internet. It is the visual that was banned. Yet somehow the Charedi version of American Idol is a huge hit. That’s right. American Idol, where performers with singing talent go before an audience and sing their hearts out.

Of course in this Charedi version includes precautions about various Issurim that have been put in place. Only men can perform and critiquing may only be done in a positive way. No put owns. There are also the judges that will critique performances of each song. The three member panel is all men. No put downs. One may not embarrass the performer.

A show like this cannot be broadcast on TV. That’s because the show would not have a viewing audience since its target audience Charedim don’t have TVs. But they do make a CD of the show and distribute it every week so it can be seen by its constituency. But it seems to be a hit more than 60,000 watched the first episode. 60,000. That by coincidence is the same number of Avreichim in Israel.

But how? How can they watch it since anything with a screen is prohibited? Makes me kind of wonder if these bans are made knowing full well that they will be ignored. If so why bother making the ban in the forst palce?

It also makes me wonder how many people there are using devices with screens like these? And it makes me wonder how many of these people were Nichshol and watch other - not so kosher - videos too on these devices.