Friday, August 29, 2008

Message to Kupat Ha’ir

If you think that Rav Chaim Kanievsky has ‘Bracha power’ read this. Who did Rav Shach send people to for Brachos? It was none other than Rabbi Morris Esformes - world renowned Jewish philanthropist known to his friends simply as Morrie.

Many people would be surprised to hear such a thing. But Rav Shach was nobody’s fool. He knew the source of all Brachos is God. Not himself. And he was not inclined to give Brachos as a rule.

But his grandson came to him one time. He had been married for a while and had not had any children. Rav Shach told him to go to my friend Morrie for a Bracha because he was such an incredible supporter of Torah institutions all over the world. He surely had the Zechusim to be in a position to give Brachos.

So he listened to the advice given by his grandfather and came to Chicago to see him.

Morrie was not told about this in advance. So when Rav Shach’s grandson came into Morrie’s office, what he saw was a young Charedi man – not knowing that it was Rav Shach’s grandson. Morrie was of course used to seeing Meshulachim on a constant basis. That’s what he thought this young man was.

So he asked him what he wanted. The young man said he does not want any money. He just wanted a Bracha from him so he would have children and explained that his grandfather, Rav Shach, had sent him. Morrie smiled and couldn’t believe what he heard. But he said OK, if that’s what Rav Shach said… and he gave him a Bracha. One year later that young man’s wife gave birth!

That young man now visits Morrie every year and brings his children to meet him. How do I know any of this? Last Monday I was at the wedding of Morrie’s youngest daughter and this young man was there. On my way out at the end of the wedding I was approached by a young woman who I trust and she pointed out a young Charedi looking man to me. She asked me if I knew who he was. I said no. I was told that it was Rav Shach’s grandson and then she told me this incredible story