Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Top of His Peers - The Top of Their Game


It’s getting close to the month of Elul and thoughts of the Yomim Noraim are beginning to enter my mind. One of the wisest decisions I have made in this regard was to purchase both the Rosh Hashanah and the Yom Kippur Machzor of Rabbi Joseph B. Solveitchik.

These volumes include commentary adapted from the inspirational teachings of the Rav by Dr. Arnold Lustiger. They have both been a valuable resource for me – not only of his words but also his personal customs. I recommend them highly.

On a totally unrelated subject, a word about The Jewish Press. This newspaper is in my view currently the absolute best source of news by, for, and about Orthodox Jewry - and anything that affects the Jewish community.

It is currently at the top of its game. There was a period of time I would not have said that. But in recent years there has been a restructuring of format and a refocusing on news opinion, and feature reporting. There are so many columnists that I read regularly in there - it would take far too long to list them and explain why I read them. Many have been with The Jewish Press for decades and many are relatively new. Some of them are actually heroes of mine. Just to mention one - Rabbi Yakov Horowitz who writes more than one column on a regular basis and occasionally two or three.

So why do I mention these two seemingly disparate things? Because now you can have them both and save some money in the process. By taking out a two year subscription to The Jewish Press for a $60 subscription fee you will receive your choice of either the Yom Kippur or the Rosh Hashanah Machzor - a $31.00 value!

I don’t usually do paid advertisements. I tend to stay away from them unless I really feel that the product offered is one which I would take advantage of myself – if it were offered to me. In this case - it is. I not only have both Machzorim which I was happy to purchase without any special promotion, I also have a subscription to The Jewish Press - one that I’ve had for many years. And it is the home of the articles I’ve written.

So if anyone ever had any interest in either getting The Jewish Press delivered every week or buying the Machzor of the Rav – there is no better opportunity than now. To do so -click here and find out how. You won’t regret it.