Thursday, October 30, 2008

Another Look at an Obama Presidency

The closer we get to the election, the more depressed I get. I do not recall any election in my lifetime that will bring such radical change to this country. It seems that an Obama landslide is imminent. The closer we get to Election Day the more likely it seems that Barack Obama will be the President of the United States.

I just read Jonathan Rosenblum’s column at Cross-Currents and it scared me. I now feel an Obama Presidency would be a danger to the Jewish State. All assurances in the world from the Obama camp about his loyalty to ‘our ally Israel’ does not allay my fears that change is in the wind. That is his catch phrase. Change. His campaign is all about change.

But what will that change look like? Is change necessarily always a good thing? It all depends on what that change is. Obama’s entire understanding about Israel has been influenced by far too many people who see Israel as the villain. And I don’t just mean his pastor for over 20 years Jeremiah Wright. From Cross-Currents:

Obama has described the Palestinian-Israeli conflict as a “sore, . . . infect[ing] all our foreign policy,”

A sore infecting foreign policy?! This is how to refer to Israel’s existential situation? As a sore? This is not the man I want as my President. He adds that he wants to go back to the Clinton years of peacemaking. But if he speaks in terms like ‘sore’ and ‘infection’ that’s not good. This man scares me.

And it isn’t only about his foreign policy. It is about his domestic agenda. He couches his socialistic re-distributionist attitudes with terms like 'fairness' and 'tax cuts for the middle class'.

He is an economic liberal but his social liberalism promotes views that are anathema to a Torah oriented Jew. For example social liberals tend to be much more likely to allow Hollywood - in the name of free speech - to continue producing the smut that passes for mainstream entertainment. Which in the past 40 years or so has succeeded in defining deviancy down ( …to put it the way former Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan did).

This is why he is supported by the worst elements in Hollywood. There has recently been a parade of celebrities on late night shows like Jay Leno's Tonight Show who have come out and unabashedly supported Obama. As if their views on life reflected mainstream morality. Those celebrities are immoral pieces of garbage.

One such fellow, Seth Rogin, touting his strong support for Obama recently came on the show selling his new movie called Zack and Miri make a Porno. He actually complained that he could not show full frontal nudity in that picture as others have. And this is a mainstream comedy!

Is this man someone we should be listening to for advice on choosing the leader of the free world? Is this attitude conducive to maintaining higher sexual mores for this country? If I were to be influenced by Hollywood it would be in the opposite direction: Whoever they support, vote for the other guy!

As to Obama's leadership ability as Commander-in-Chief he is sorely lacking in that department. One of the most important but forgotten issues of the election... and the very one Obama decided to run on was getting us out of Iraq without preconditions. His attitude was basically ‘to hell with the aftermath’. That's not leadership. That's ineptitude. That's surrender.

The reason it has been forgotten is not only because the economic crisis has overwhelmed all other issues. That’s true, but that isn’t the only reason. It’s also due to the fact that John McCain actually advocated a policy that has succeeded.

A reduction troops if not an entire pullout is not that far off no matter who wins the election. At this point Obama would have to be a complete idiot to pull out before that country is fully stabilized. Iraq is no longer an issue.

The reason for that was McCain’s 'right decision' and not Obama’s 'wrong one'. Had we taken Obama’s advice Iraq would have been overrun by radical Islamists. They then may very well have developed closer ties to Iran in a common goal of creating another holocaust against the Jews. This time in Israel.

This has been the promise of Iran’s President Ahmadinejad. Of course Obama can discuss this with Ahmadinejad as he promised he would. No doubt he will offer to force Israel to give back all of the land captured since 67 and allow all Palestinians the right of return. Peace in our time!

Has Obama never heard of Neville Chamberlain? Does he really think that all this modern day Hitler wants is the West Bank? Not any more that the Hitler of old only wanted Chekoslovakia!

Pro-Israel American foreign is in jeopardy. I can’t prove it but I’ve really got a bad feeling about this. Dennis Ross who is a good man may be his best advisor on the issue, but one cannot overlook others who have advised him an continue to advise him on this issue including some of the most unsympathetic to Israel names one can find. From the Cross-Currents article:

Obama’s foreign policy advisers have included: Zbigniew Brzezinski, Jimmy Carter’s national security advisor and thirty-year critic of Israel; Samantha Powers, who has called for an end to aid to Israel and the introduction of American forces to protect the Palestinians; and Robert Malley, who has made a career of advancing, together with a former Arafat advisor, a revisionist account in which Israel was responsible for the breakdown of Camp David.

Even the Republicans touted for an Obama cabinet – Chuck Hagel and Richard Lugar – have been among the handful of senators, sometimes the only ones, to consistently oppose sanctions against Iran, Syria, and Saddam Hussein’s Iraq. Hagel laments the intimidation on Capitol Hill by the “Jewish lobby.”

It wouldn’t surprise me if Chuck Hegel ended up being Secretary of Defense and Richard Lugar Secretary of State – God forbid!

Obama will probably have a veto proof congress that will support virtually all of his polices. My friends, after reading Jonathan’s column I have changed my mind. We are headed to hell in a hand basket if this inexperienced liberal ideologue comes to power.

I said in my last post that Obama will surround himself with good people of all views. He said that is his desire because he wants all perspectives heard before he makes a decision. But if those mentioned above are the ones who end up advising him, and congress rubber stamps him - it won’t be good.

But, as near certain I am about the expected outcome, it ain’t over till it’s over. The public has yet to actually vote. We will see if the expected landslide for Obama actually happens. But if it does - God help us!