Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Double Take

I’m off to St. Louis. Tomorrow is the Bris of my two twin grandsons. For those interested the accompanying photo is of my daughter (the twins mother) and her five sons. Clockwise from the top they are: My daughter -Tovi, Elisha, Shimon, Reuven, Avraham, and Moshe. More photos are available here.

This will God willing be an amazing event. My entire family will be there except for the Israeli branch. All three of my daughters and their families. So too will the entire Kirshner side of the family except for the Israeli branch. Add to that the entire Orthodox Jewish population of St. Louis, Missouri. That’s a lot of people! Trust me.

It’s difficult to express my emotions here. Words are inadequate. The Simcha is very great. This is a family that can use a little simcha in their lives just about now. May there be a continuation of ever more Simchos in our families and of all of Klal Yisroel.
Update: The twins have been named and their names have been inserted in the text identifying 'who is who' in the picture.