Tuesday, December 16, 2008

About Last Night…

For those who may have heard about my ‘event’ last night at a wedding let me dispel any false rumors about what happened.

Last night while I was videotaping a wedding, I passed out. I was unconscious for approximately 10 seconds. Fortunately there were many doctors present who came to my aid.

911 was also called. They came quickly (probably within 15 minutes) and checked me out. They determined that I was dehydrated. That was largely due to the fact that I had been the early stages of a 24 stomach virus. I hadn’t realized it before I left for the wedding because I hadn’t felt that badly during the day. But when I arrived I started ‘expelling water’. I became dehydrated very quickly – not having eaten all day.

About 45 minutes into the Kabalas Panim, I started feeling very nauseous and then dizzy - and passed out. The next thing I knew I was on the floor with a group of people - including a couple of doctors - standing over me.

Long story short – I am fine. I did not go to the hospital. But the doctors would not let me finish the video job I was on – even though I was somewhat determined to do so. It’s a good thing I didn’t because I wouldn’t have been able to. I was in the bathroom a lot after that ‘expelling liquids’.

The photographers were kind enough to call in one of their own videographer to finish the job. In the interim a guest volunteered to videotape the Chupah and asked permission to use my equipment – which I gave him.

I ended up calling my wife and daughter to pick me up and drive my car home. I went to bed shortly after that. I woke up this morning about 90% recovered. But I’m going to stay home and rest the rest of the day.

My sincere thanks to the two doctors, who helped me last night, – one of them staying with me until my wife and daughter arrived; the hotel security person for calling 911; the EMTs who responded so quickly; the wedding guest who volunteered to video the Chupah for me; the 2 photographers who got a professional replacement; and last but not least to my wife and daughter who came at the drop of a hat. I would also like to express my thanks to all those concerned about my welfare. It’s nice to know people care.