Thursday, December 11, 2008

Who is Rod Blagojevich?

In case anyone hasn’t heard the news yet, Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich has been arrested on corruption charges. This man is one of the worst examples of humanity I can imagine. One might say well, he hasn’t killed anyone. How can you say that?

It’s because of his stature. He is not some drugged out desperate criminal who was raised in the streets. He is a sitting governor who campaigned against corruption in government in a state where the phrase ‘Pay to Play’ is the motto. It is the way things have always gotten done around here. During the campaign for his first term, Blagojevich proclaimed that he had had enough of that!

This was in light of his predecessor, Governor George Ryan’s involvement in his own corruption scandal. One for which he was later convicted and is now serving time in prison. But Blagojevich makes Ryan look like a saint! Indeed Governor Ryan is the same person that was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for his courage in terminating our state’s death penalty after the new DNA technology had proven the innocence of several men on Death Row!

Rod Blagojevich has taken corruption to new levels. I need not get into of all the truly degusting and massive (72 pages) allegations against him. The federal prosecutor said he had to arrest him right away in order to thwart an ongoing crime spree! He has never seen anything like it in his entire career. Suffice it to say that just one of the allegation is that he was about to sell Obama’s senate seat for cash to the highest bidder.

I am not surprised that he was discovered to be corrupt. I never voted for him. I have always sensed in his demeanor that he was an arrogant slime ball… a self aggrandizing crook parading around as if he cared about the little guy… always wearing that smarmy smile of his. What did surprise even me however is the magnitude of his corruption. And the fact that 24 hours before being arrested he was daring reporters to tape his private conversations - taunting federal investigators that he knew were investigating him and actually tapping his phones. What incredilble Chutzpah -Truly unbelievable!

But wait! Maybe he is innocent. After all, a man is innocent until proven guilty. Especially if he is Orthodox which Rod Blagojevich is. We are after all dealing with a secular press. We all know how biased and sensationalist they are. They will say anything to sell papers. Or get high ratings. They care more about money than the truth!

We have to be Dan L’Kaf Zchus here. After all who should we believe - a corrupt federal police force known to plant evidence where there is none? …and that has been proven to use less than honorable tactics to extract confessions? We all know that the FBI uses such tactics. They are proven liars. Are we to believe a federal prosecutor who just wants to put another feather in his cap?

Who is Rod Blagojevich? His close friends and family will tell you the truth. They know this man. They say it is impossible for him to have acted this way. He is a kind and generous man – honorable to a fault. He doesn’t have a corrupt bone in his body. How could he after all have fooled the people for over six years and two elections if he was that corrupt? Nobody has ever come forward with any allegations like this during all his years of public service.

He is a family man, a loving husband and father who lives in a modest home in the heart of a Chicago neighborhood. If he is so corrupt, where is all that money he is supposed to have extorted over the years?

No my friends, He is innocent. I don’t care what the biased secular media is saying or the corrupt federal prosecutor who is just trying to make a name for himself. No way. This whole thing is political. The prosecutor is a Republican. Blagojevich is a Democrat. Don’t believe what you hear in the secular press! It’s Assur!

I guess I must be wrong about him. He is innocent! I am going to write my state representatives and ask them to support this great man instead of trying to impeach him. I mean – whatever happened to ‘innocent until proven guilty’. What are they - some kind of lynch mob?