Friday, March 13, 2009

The Caterers from Hell

When I finished watching this video I wanted to vomit. I don’t know what kind of Chasidim run this catering hall but, as far as I am concerned the community of Boro Park ought to spare no efforts in shutting it down. It is a massive Chilul HaShem, motivated by selfishness and fueled by Chutzpah with absolutely no concern for their neighbors.

What - one may ask – is wrong with having a catering hall in the middle of a residential neighborhood? After all one might even say it is a convenience to provide the neighborhood with a nearby facility such as this. Why travel for miles to attend a Simcha when one can have it right in their own neighborhood?

One might think that - but not when not when it comes to this place which seems to be run by some Chasidic sect.

Each Simcha brings with it an impossible amount of traffic. There is no parking facility so cars are often double parked. Fire hydrants are blocked for the duration of the wedding. Private driveways are blocked - preventing people form leaving their homes – even in emergencies. Illegal Chupas are set up on sidewalks blocking all pedestrian traffic. And there is the deafening noise until 4 o’clock in the morning which is fairly common for the mandatory Mitzvah Tanz of Chasidic weddings!

Neighbors in this densely populated area cannot fall asleep and many of them get up early to go to work! And then there is all that massive garbage to deal with – piled in the street until their private garbage haulers pick it up – along with the help from the city garbage haulers. I cannot imagine what it must be like for these neighbors of this hall. In the Chasidic areas like Boro Park weddings are very likely a daily event!

When interviewed by a television news team about it they basically just shrugged it all off – blaming the neighbors for being trouble makers.

Do these Chasidim not care about their fellow Jews? I understand that they have disdain for Goyim. But they have tremendous disdain as well for - not only Jews - but other Frum Jews!

They don’t care at all about their impact on others. They feel ‘entitled’. Their Simchos supercede the public welfare. Their answer to their neighbors’ complaint? If you don’t like it – move!

What about city oridinaces they are violating? They claim they are not. But many in that neighborhood claim that the city simply does not want to get involved with these people. They are just plain afraid of them! So the massive Chilul HaShem will continue unabated.

There is something about this kind of ‘religious’ Jew that gives them a feeling of - not only superiority of others - but gives them the impetus to do as they please to get what they want even at the expense of others. They see their way of life as so holy that ‘less holy’ people will just have to get out of their way while they have their ‘holy’ fun.

Obviously their Rebbe must approve whole-heartedly or they would have stopped this a long time ago. I further suspect that it is this mentality that produces the kind of hooliganism one finds in the streets of Meah Shearim, Ramat Bet Shemesh B, and Beitar. They are birds of a feather. They have a sense about themselves as the holiest representatives of the Jewish people. And therefore their rights come first.

But they are neither holy nor should they come first, last or even in-between. They are a disgrace to the Jewish people and as far as I am concerned they ought to instead be exiled to some distant island far away from the civilized world. They can then be as ‘holy’ as they want!