Monday, June 29, 2009

Rueven and His Remarkable Family

It’s been a while since I posted about my beautiful and happy grandson, Reuven ben Tova Chaya. There are probably many people wondering what is up with him. On Monday July 6th he will be undergoing another surgery. My daughter Rivkah Greenland (Tovi’s oldest sister) has sent out an update which needs no further comment from me:

Hi everyone. A lot of people have been asking me about Reuven lately so I thought I'd post an update.

Reuven recently finished his third course of chemo treatments (mild in comparison to the ones he'd had in the past.) Chemo was outpatient every morning for two weeks on and one week off...and then 6 rounds of that. A trouper through it all, Reuven managed to attend school after almost every treatment.

A few weeks ago, Reuven attended his kindergarten graduation. What a simcha is was for his parents to come and watch him get his diploma together with his class. This summer, Reuven will be attending summer camp, just like all his friends. A few days ago, Reuven had a scan which, I am told by my sister was good enough to enable his upcoming surgery to go on July 6th to remove the small nodule on his lung. It is unclear whether the nodule is dead skin cells or not, but either way the recommendation is to remove it.

Reuven will be receiving 2 additional rounds of chemo after the surgery. He will then IY"H have some time off and then treatment to continue will be determined.

At the end of the summer, further assessments will be made to determine how, and what treatments to continue for Reuven.

Reuven and his family are doing incredibly well considering everything. They are truly inspiring in how they continue to go about their day to day activities as if nothing was going on. Their home continues to be open to guests, shabbatonim, sheva brachos, and community functions. The kids remain well adjusted happy kids, and if you walked into their house, you would never know there was a sick child there. It is my sister's intention to keep it that way. That being said...


So, on behalf of my entire family, we thank you all for continuing to check in and most of all for your continued tefillos for Reuven ben Tova Chaya.