Friday, July 17, 2009

England and the Jews – Postcript

The following excerpt from an article by Miriam Shaviv, who is Orthodox. It was written about a year ago. Ms. Shaviv is a journalist and currently the Acting Foreign Editor of The Jewish Chronicle. She is also a resident of England. I think it kind of illustrates my point about how Jews are seen there. Jewish life in England as she describes it - is apparently pretty much the way I perceive it to be. The article can be read in its entirety on the JC.COM website:

The Americans, meanwhile, are comparing British Jewish life to American Jewish life. By those standards, things here are uncomfortable. The levels of anti-Zionism (and occasionally antisemitism) with which we put up in our media, and often in public discourse, are inconceivable to an American audience. Jews are far more dominant there in popular culture, the media is far more sympathetic to Israel and casual antisemitism in far more politically incorrect than it is here.