Friday, July 24, 2009

The Good News is….

This has been a very rough week - unprecedented in recent times in the amount of negative news affecting the Jewish people.

More than one person has asked that in light of all the depressing news that I consider ending off the week on a positive note. It’s kind of hard being positive about anything with all that’s going on. But I will try.

There is one piece of good… uplifting news. At least for me and my family. And hopefully for Klal Yisroel as well.

There is a new addition to Klal Yisroel. Another Kohen has been added to its ranks. Last Monday afternoon my daughter Sari gave birth to a healthy six and a half pound baby boy(about 6 hours old in the picture above). Tonight we are going to be in the Yeshiva in Skokie (HTC) for a Shalom Zachor. The Bris will be - God willing - Monday morning in the Yeshiva.

I have tremendous gratitude to God for the great blessing He has bestowed upon my family. I don’t know what I did to deserve it but God has granted my wife and me: 4 beautiful children, one beautiful daughter-in-law, 3 beautiful sons-in-law, and 22 beautiful grandchildren.

Here are their names in chronological order - per family (I can usually do this B’Nishima Achas):

Yael Avigail
Tehila Sara
Chaim Aryeh

Meira Rachelle

Mordechai Simcha
Menucha Rachel
Yaakov Meyer


And as an added bonus, my Machutanim are all truly beautiful people too. Pillars of the Jewish community – all! Each in their own way contributing to Klal Yisroel in ways that make me quite envious.

This is quite a Bracha, one I never dreamed I would have. And one that I wish upon all of Klal Yisroel.

Good Shabbos

Post Script:

Yaakov Meyer's Bris came off like a charm.

Pictured L - R:
Rabbi Mordechai Tukieltaub - Mohel
Yaakov Meyer Ginsparg
Rabbi Chaim Twerski - Sandek

Looking on:
Rabbi Eliezer Gifter and Rabbi Zev Cohen

Updated: 7/28/09 7:14 PM CDT