Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Violent Protests and Supporting Israeli Yeshivos

The following thoughts did not originate with me. It was made by a friend - a Charedi Rav that I know. I must confess that I have had such thoughts but wondered whether it was appropriate to go this far. My Charedi friend assured me that after the latest violence - the time has come for drastic action.

He proposes a complete and total ban on all Tzedaka given to any and all Yeshivos in Israel – no matter how big until two things happen:

1) There is a complete end to all violence

2) There is a public announcement from all the Israeli Gedolim condemning the violence in the strongest terms.

He also proposes that parents stop sending their children to Israel - in particular to those Yeshivos whose Roshei Yeshiva do not condemn the violence.

I know a lot of people would support this idea. But I am equally sure that a lot of people would not. The question is: Why not?