Sunday, December 27, 2009

Two Events

What a weekend. Four nonstop days. I am truly exhausted.

I spent a lovely weekend at NSCY Conclave. Watching kids become turned on to Yiddshkeit was an inspiration to me. It never ceases to amaze me that teens with virtually no background are swept up into the enthusiasm for Judaism that the advisors - NCSY's term for those who volunteer to mentor these kids - generate.

My hat is truly off to these young people for the job they do - volunteering so much of their time for only one purpose, to make a Kiddush HaShem. That includes the behind the scenes staff too - the techies - who work their magic and make several feasts that rival the best of caterers.

Of course it helps that the chief chef is a succesful caterer who has since changed careers. And as if that weren't enough he gives sessions to the NCSYers too. For those unfamiliar with NCSY - a session is when an advisor gives a short interactive presentation on various subjects. NCSY does not have an age limit for its advisors. This advisor is a grandfather.

Shabbos at an NCSY Midwest Mesorah Region conclave is a sight to behold. If all regions are anything like it NCSY has lot to be proud of.

Conclave was not the only event I attended this weekend. Thursday night, Motzie Shabbos, and this morning (Sunday) - I attended the Biennial Midwest Convention of Agudah . Among the featured speakers were members of the Agudah Moetzes. That was an entirely different experience. I will be reporting on that tomorrow.