Thursday, January 14, 2010

Justice Delayed and Justice Denied

I’m not going second guess a ruling by a Supreme Court justice in Israel about a matter of law. But justice has not been served here. Once again a technicality did not allow it.

According to an article in Ynet reproduced at VIN – accused child sex molester Avreimal Mondrowitz will not be extradited to the United States to stand trial for sex crimes committed 25 year ago. It seems that he will no longer have to worry about it. Crisis over! …for him.

He sexually molested - who knows how many children - entrusted to him as a “Frum” child psychologist and then escaped to Israel to live in relative comfort for the rest of his life. I don’t know how his family wife and children - parents and brother were able to deal with this. But apparently they somehow did.

It looks like the man(?) is going to get away with his sexual crimes – at least in this world. But in in the next one.

However even certain knowledge that his day of judgment will someday arrive in the world to come gives neither comfort nor closure to any of his victims.

I have nothing to offer by way of solace or explanation. Accept to say that this is an expression of what we call theodicy – the concept of Tzadik Ve Ra Lo – Rasha V’Tov Lo. We have no answer for why good people suffer and bad people prosper. But we do believe that in the end true and Divine justice will prevail.

At this point I can only hope that during these past 25 years no molestation has occurred. And that it will never occur again by his hand. My hope is that Mondrowitz realizes that getting caught in Israel would leave him with nowhere to escape. That a high profile accused molester would have an eye kept upon him by members of his own community – or even the entire Frum population of Israel. Hopefully he was never allowed - and never will be allowed - to be alone with any young children.

It should be noted that Ger Chasidim are known to have protected him and helped him fight extradition. I assume this is with the full knowledge and approval of the Gerrer Rebbe. Chasidim are known to not do anything of consequence without such approval. They too will have to answer for that one day. But Ger Chasidim are also not fools. They must realize that he is a danger and must be watched.

Perhaps the fact that there have not been any accusations or arrests – at least that I am aware of – in the 25 years he has been in Israel is a sign that he isn’t doing it anymore. At least I hope not.

I suppose one can take some comfort in that. But only if one is an observer and not a victim. And that makes this a very sad day.