Monday, February 22, 2010


Guest Post by Rabbi Yossi Ginzberg

So after all the apologists responded to my "Daas Torah" article with such wordy denials of reality, I have to ask, after this week of non-stop Frum scandalous news, where are they?

*Where's the response to the insane mechitza-around-your-head on a plane?
*Where's the response to the Tzaddik's funeral accorded Grossman?
*Where's the response to the Balkany blackmail tumult?
*Where's the response to Rav Eliashiv's alleged braces/ mikvah issue?
*Where's the response to an Aguna finally being freed, after 48 YEARS?!?
*Where's the response to the frum developer that was convicted of taking $18 million from other Frum Jews?
*Where's the response to the "kabbalist" that is under indictment for scamming desperate people of large amounts?

And all this IN ONE WEEK!!

As someone who daily interacts with Baalei Teshuva and Gerim-in-process, these issues come up often and need to be addressed. How can I explain these?

Why are all the apologists hiding now?