Wednesday, February 03, 2010

A Sickening Man

Edge of Darkness. I could not think of a more appropriate title for a Mel Gibson film than the one he chose for his latest effort - released last weekend. Because darkness is at the edge of this man’s heart.

It looks like a movie I would normally enjoy. Lots of action. But I refuse to see it. That’s because of its star. Mel Gibson’s anti-Semitism has clearly not gone away. Not that I ever expected it would.

Four years ago he revealed his true feeling when he was caught by a Jewish police officer driving while intoxicated. From a TMZ article written back then:

Gibson then launched into a barrage of anti-Semitic statements: (Expletive) Jews... The Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world." Gibson then asked the deputy, "Are you a Jew?"

As I wrote back then:

It is well known rabbinic adage (found in the Talmud) that a man’s true character is revealed when his inhibitions are removed under the influence of alcohol. Under such conditions, the truth comes out.

And it certainly did.

He has since then gone to some lengths to clear his name and apologize. But do not buy it. That was all for the sake of the media. The truth is that he is just as bigoted as ever. And as bigots go he is pretty crude in both his language and his attitude. Oh… he’s Mr. Nice Guy when he’s on camera and his ego is being stroked. But shake him up just a tiny bit and out comes his true character like water spilling over Niagara Falls.

Here is what happened when interviewed by Chicago’s WGN. Entertainment reporter Dean Richards tried to bring up that issue. The response was along the lines of... 'I’ve moved on, why can’t you?' 'This is a four year old story!' 'I‘ve done my obligatory mea culpas.'

A truly repentant Gibson might have said something like “I regret saying those things.” “They are not true”. “And I will never forgive myself for the hurt I have caused a people who have suffered so much anti-Semitism over the centuries culminating in the annihilation of six million Jews!” Clearly he does not believe any of that. He is a holocaust denier, just like his father. And would rather avoid the whole subject.

This interview illustrates just how unapologetic he really is. All of his mea culpas are worthless! He never meant them and never will. His concluding off color remark about the interviewer really tells you who Mel Gibson really is: An egotistical foul mouthed anti-Semite. He truly sickens me!

He would rather just – move on. Really! I don’t think we ought to let him. At the very least we ought to try do all we can to boycott this movie. Tell your friends and tell your neighbors. He must not be allowed to just ‘move on’ and continue making money off of people he believes caused all the wars in the world.

One more thing. I am disappointed in Hollywood. With all my criticism about them, they are usually pretty good at blackballing anti-Semites like this. But here Gibson is in a major Hollywood production of what seems like it will be a blockbuster!

If one has any inclination to see this bigot in this movie, watch the video in that interview first. If it turns you off half as much as it did me, you will boycott it. This man does not deserve to be rewarded for his bigotry anymore.

My hat is off to WGN's Dean Richards for not letting the world forget who this anti-Semite really is.