Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Completely Evil People

The following was reported in YWN. Here it is in its entirety:

A violent protest took place earlier in Bnei Brak, in front of Ponavez Yeshiva and the area of Chazon Ish and Yismach Moshe Streets as the nation marks Independence Day. According to reports, most of the participants are not areas residents, but from Yerushalayim.

An Israeli flag was set ablaze in front of police in front of the yeshiva, as a large flag waves on the pole above the yeshiva building as is the custom annually on Independence Day (reported earlier today by YWN Israel). At least one police car was damaged as a result of the protestors throwing rocks. At this time, it appears the main protest has dispersed but there are occasional reports of rock-throwing and minor disturbances.

I have no clue who these people were. The story says they were probably from Jerusalem. I assume they are Meah Shearimniks. But let us even assume that they are Ahmadinijad hugging Neturei Kartaniks whom everyone condemns. Why are they tolerated? What possible justification is there for them to do these things?

I get so angry when I see these kinds of things. This follows yesterday's flag burning at Kikkar Shabbat in Jerusalem. Yesterday was Yom HaZikaron - Israel's Memorial Day where it honors its heroes who sacrificed their lives to protect the very ground these animals burn Israeli flags upon!

Flag burning may be legal. It may even be a form of free speech. But so is shunning these people as pariahs. They ought to be vocally condemned for what they do by their own leaders even if they agree with them in spirit. And certainly the Roshei Yeshiva at Ponevezh should. These people are nothing more than evil incarnate- Reshaim Gemurim!

Then there is the stone throwing and damaging public property. That IS illegal! In my view it would be a Mitzvah Min HaMuvchar to find these people have them arrested and testify against them in court. The Chilul HaShem screams! They ought to be stopped by all legal means at our disposal.

But that just isn't going to happen. At least it hasn't until now. But whose fault is that? Why isn't there strong action taken by rabbinic leaders to stop this unbelievable Chilul HaShem?!

Disclaimer: Please note that the photo above is there for illustrative purpsoses only. It is not an actual photo of the events described in the post.