Sunday, October 10, 2010

Emes Ve-Emunah on Talkline

I would like to thank radio talk show host Zev Brenner (pictured) for having me as a guest on his show, Talkline, last night. (Actually - at 1:00AM it was really earlier this morning).

Talkline is broadcast locally to the greater New York city area and is targeted toward the Orthodox Jewish community. The invitation to be on his show was apparently generated by the interview published in the Jewish Press. I accepted reluctantly.

I was reluctant for couple of reasons:

1) It was a bit late for me since I am pretty much an early bird.

2) I am all about the written word, not the spoken word. The potential for misstatements really increases during an unscripted live interview. Misstatements are something I try to avoid at all costs.

But it was well worth staying up for. Those who listened to the show had a chance to hear me talk about some of my views live and take a few calls from listeners.

Although it is something I am not used to doing, I hope I did justice in conveying my views to a new audience - one that may not have even known about my blog until last night.

Over-all except for the lateness of the hour - it was a very positive experience and I was left with an invitation to return on a future program.

It is not yet available as a podcast at the Talkline website but I assume it will be at some point. For those interested - podcasts for the show can be checked out here.

Thanks again to Zev Brenner and the staff at Talkline for making this a positive experience.