Sunday, March 20, 2011

Killers Caught!

I was not going to write anything today except for my Purim post. But this breaking news is too important to delay.

I have just been informed by Rabbi Yair Hoffman that the butchers who slaughtered the Fogel family have been caught. Rabbi Hoffman directed me to an article in the 5 Towns Jewish Times. Two brothers were identified by a third after an interrogation by the Shin Bet (Israeli equivalent of the FBI). He also led investigators to the knives used in the slayings. The blood on the knives matched the blood at the murder scene. Two intelligence officers of the Palestinian Authority were also arrested for aiding and abetting these mass murderers.

If they are tried and convicted of the crime, it is the obligation of the Jewish State to execute them for this crime. I know that Israel does not have capital punishment except in certain circumstances – like captured Nazi war criminals. But if these animals don’t qualify for the death penalty, then no one does. They are no better than Adloph Eichman and deserve the same fate.