Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Anti Religious Ynet

In yet another arrogant anti religious screed a Ynet editorial once again shows its true colors. They want to fire people involved in the female singer fiasco.

Recall the uproar a short while ago over religious soldiers walking out of a performance when a female singer started singing. Ynet is now leading the charge against those who are responsible for it. In fact they want to change the entire structure of military entertainment! “Whose army is this anyway?” they ask. “Who is it that will die for their country - after all?!” “This is the people’s army!” they say.

Indeed it is!

When are people going to learn that Ynet is just an anti religious newspaper with an agenda to wipe clean any semblance of Judaism from the army - and rid it of religious soldiers once and for all! For shame! I agree with those who want to boycott it and accuse it of anti Frum bias. This way we can be spared from an article like this!