Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Chaim Fogel’s Plea

There is an amazing statement that is reported in the Jeruslam Post and VIN. It is by Chaim Fogel - father of Udi Fogel who along with his wife and children were brutally massacred by two Palestinians. Here is what he said:

"If they tell me that in exchange for the release of the two murderers Gilad Schalit will return home, I would agree - despite my opposition in principle to such transactions…"

What makes this more amazing is that there is no remorse on the part of these two mass murderers - one of whom was just sentenced to 130 years in prison. Given the opportunity they would do it again.

Although to the best of my knowledge this proposition was never offered by the Hamas terrorists holding him captive – if that would get him out - I agree with Mr. Fogel. Much as it would pain me to do so.

Gilad Schalit has been a captive of these terrorist savages long enough. Israel has not been able as of yet to extricate him from captivity. Not through negotiations and not though clandestine activity.

We have to see Gilad as though he were are own son. That is the only way we should see it. We have to imagine that our own beloved son has been in a terrorist prison with all kind of threats hanging over his head including execution and torture.

Think about the fate of Daniel Pearl the Jewish reporter for the Wall Street Journal a few years ago. He was executed by a beheading – one that was put on the internet for the entire world to see! Only in his place - visualize your own son! – beheaded while proclaiming his Judaism. Please! Imagine your own son that you raised and love dearly - that way. That is the only way one can honestly evaluate the situation here.

This is not the popular view… nor perhaps even the rational view. We should never give in to these kinds of ‘trades’ because that will certainly cause more people to be abducted for even more demands… all while turning 2 unrepentant mass murderers loose upon the our people. No Jew will feel safe. We will be turned into potentially helpless victims - who knows how many times. The entire Jewish people will be put at risk – not only in Israel but throughout the world!

I know it’s hard. I know the logic of the mind. But I also know the logic of the heart. I cannot stand the thought of a fellow Jew who’s only sin was to serve and protect his people – spending one more day in the captivity of brutal savages. I cannot stand what his parents must continually be going through. Listen to Chaim Fogel. If anyone has the right to suggest such a move – he does.

If we can get Gilad Schalit free by releasing these two mass murderers... let them go! And then after we have Gilad back safely in our hands - we hunt down these 2 savages and assassinate them!