Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Carrot and Stick Approach to Intimidating Victims

I can’t. Much as I would like to talk about other important issues affecting us… and much as I tried to get away from talking about sex abuse for a while, I just can’t seem to do it. Because just when you think things cannot possibly get any worse, they do.

It seems the $500,000 that was raised at a fundraiser in Williamsburg to aid in the defense of accused sex abuser, Rabbi Nechemia Weberman has found its target: the victim of his abuse.

How wonderful that they have turned this new leaf and are providing at least a measure of comfort to a victim of sex abuse by giving her a gift of a half million dollars. Although nothing can make up for the abuse she was subject to, at least the community feels enough compassion for her to give her this gift as a token of that.

Except that this is not what happened. It was offered as a bribe to get her not to testify against the accused. I guess that’s what Weberman’s supporters consider “aiding” in his defense.

The community motto must be “If intimidation doesn’t work, try a bribe!” Or maybe they are using the “carrot and stick” approach – offering a bribe if she cooperates and threatening violence if she doesn’t. Kind of like the mafia. From NewYork: 
The defendants also allegedly threatened to ruin the boyfriend's business. He owns a Kosher restaurant, and they warned him they would rip down the sign on his store if his girlfriend did not go along with their plan. One afternoon, in fact, they allegedly tore down the sign to show they meant business. 
Four people (one of whom as seen above doing the “perp-walk” - more pictures available at their website) were arrested for offering a bribe early this morning and brought into custody at dawn. If there was any doubt about the intentions of this community to protect molesters this should dispel it. If there was any doubt about how little they care about the safety of children – even their own - this should dispel that notion too.

This is a corrupt and sick society whose level of denial is breathtaking. This isn’t about 4 renegade Chasidic extremists doing their own thing against the wishes of their rabbis. It is a coordinated effort by them all – rabbinic leadership included - to get Weberman off the hook and undermine justice.

And they think they are doing a Kiddush HaShem with this!

They raised the money and used it for this purpose. Anyone who questions this has a serious problem with seeing the truth spelled out right in front of them.

But in the end, this is a very positive development. Brooklyn DA Hynes has made good on his word to stop the intimidation. And this is a very good first step. Ken Yirbu.

Update: Video and link to 5TJT has been removed due to possible virus contamination.