Thursday, August 02, 2012

A Job Well Done

The numbers are in. And it seems like the Agudah Siyum was an unprecedented hit, at least among those who participated in my very unscientific poll. The breakdown is as follows:

68% thought it was very inspiring    (A+)
22% thought it was mildly inspiring (B+)
3%   thought it was Parve (C)
4%   thought it was boring (D)
3%   were sorry they came (F)

This is good news for Agudah. The overwhelming majority of respondents fully 90% were inspired by the Siyum - mostly very inspired (68%)! Considering that many (probably most) of my readers are not card carrying members of Agudah - some of whom are often highly critical of them - these numbers say a lot. The descriptions by commenters on the whole seemed equally enthusiastic. I also sense from the comments that there was more of a sense of Achdus at this Agudah event than at any other. Including a broader spectrum of Orthodox Jews attending it.

Overall - Rabbi Eliyahu Fink’s linked post really captured the great spirit of the event and the contrast it had with other Agudah events. The only real criticism was more on the order of time management where speakers went too long – ending the event past the time where the last train home could be taken by many attendees. Those people left early and missed Rabbi Lau’s address. Other than that – it was a hit. Big Time.

Congratulations to Agudah on a job well done.