Tuesday, January 22, 2013

103 Years!

Nechemya Weberman
About an hour ago, Rabbi Yakov Horowtiz sent the following bulletin to a number of J-bloggers - including me. Having been away from my desk, I am probably the last one to post it. But better late than never. The following are his words.

Judge Ingram handed down a sentence this morning of 103 years -- nearly the maximum of 117 that he could have given Nechemya Weberman -- mostly by making the terms consecutive rather than concurrent.

The victim gave her impact statement in the manner she conducted herself throughout the trial, speaking softly and with great dignity. Her message was powerful and searing, as she described her pain and asked Weberman how he could have committed such monstrous acts against her.

Upon the request of the victim and her husband, I was with them from the time they arrived at the DA's office this morning until after her husband's press conference. There is much to say about the impact statement of the victim and the judge's words as he delivered his sentence.

I will collect my thoughts and get them to you as soon as I can.