Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Shas Illuminated - Revisted

R' Aharon Sorscher - Magid Shiur at Shas Illuminated

...Just a quick note about Shas Illuminated, a website which I had recently reviewed. I based my critical comments on Shiurim given by someone whose method of delivery was very Yeshivish and difficult for most people to understand. I expressed my disappointment at that, felt that the website did not live up to its mission, and no longer recommended it.

But I have been informed by Rabbi Yacov Metz, one of the owners of that website, that they have corrected the problem and that the Magidei Shiur currently giving Shiurim are far more articulate - thereby restoring its original mission. If all the other people giving Shiurim are half as good as Rabbi Sorscher, who in my view is currently their best Magid Shiur, you will not be disappointed. I therefore withdraw my original criticism and apologize to Rabbi Metz. I regret any harm I may have caused to his website.