Wednesday, October 30, 2013

On the Other Hand…

I just hung up with a prominent member of the Agudah who expressed concern about what I wrote yesterday. Not that he disagreed with my desire to see Agudah go online. But in my perceprtion that Agudah is self contradictory in both condemning the internet and at the same time utilizing it to promote their banquet. 

On the surface that does seem to be the case. But my contact at Agudah told me that Agudah is actually beginning to change course on this issue. They may actually one day come out with their own website so as to better disseminate their views.

If that is true, I welcome it. Even though I do not always agree with their perspective, I respect what they say. Their views are generally well articulated as was the case with their now defunct magazine, the Jewish Observer. I would love to see them have a more formal way of projecting their views in the age of the internet.

The internet - if nothing else – is the current mass arena for exchange of ideas. If one is going to only get one perspective, that will result in conclusions about issues that are skewed to that perspective. One needs to hear both sides of an issue to get a more balanced view. If we truly want Emes, that is.

That’s what we got with the Jewish Observer. Although I was angry and critical of them about their treatment of Rav Sloveitchik in their obituary, I nevertheless was always interested in what they had to say on issues of the day. Sometimes I agreed with them. Sometimes I did not. But I wanted to know what they thought.

If, as my contact says, they are beginning to change course and the video promoting their banquet is an indication of that, I welcome it.