Wednesday, January 15, 2014

In Appreciation…

It’s been about a year since I have done this. I am once again asking those who can afford it - to help support my blog by donating any amount you wish. The easiest way to do this is through PayPal on the top right margin. This is strictly voluntary. The blog is free for anyone who wishes to access it. There are no subscription fees. And as I have said in the past, I plan to keep it that way.

Please understand that I am not requesting anything from those who cannot afford it. That means that if for example you are paying tuition for your children’s education, then in most cases you probably can’t. There is no pressure here. But for those who can afford it and are willing, a donation in any amount would be appreciated.

As I have said in the past I work very hard at trying to write quality posts here. I know I don’t always succeed.  It’s hard hitting a home run every time you’re up at bat. But I try. And I hope I that I succeed more often than I fail.

If the number of visitors this blog gets every day is any indication, I think I do succeed at some level. There has been a constant increase in my daily traffic here ever since I started blogging a few years ago. Emes Ve-Emunah is approaching 4 million hits! I should also mention that the Jewish Press has (as of this writing) featured 282 of my posts on their website. That is more than any other blogger they regularly feature! (No... they don’t pay me. But I appreciate that they feel my posts are all worthy of featuring in their on-line publication.) 

In any case, I do all this for free because I believe in the ideals I promote; and in commenting on events and people affecting the Jewish world filtered through a Centrist Hashkafa. I hope that I have helped to influence people in positive ways and changed a few hearts and minds by presenting perspectives different than their own.

As I have also said before, I am very grateful to those who comment on my posts. Aside from the high quantity, many of the comments are of high quality. I am also grateful to those who have sent me personal e-mails in support of what I do; am humbled by the many people I meet who tell me they are fans of my blog; and even more so - humbled by people who tell me that my posts I have helped them in some way.

I occasionally meet some prominent individuals that tell me they read my blog. That is very gratifying - especially when that prominent person is to my right or to my left religiously.  I must admit that it feels good to get that kind of validation - even when they don’t agree (and often they do.) It makes the grief I get on an almost daily basis from a few of my detractors – tolerable.

But like anyone else who works hard, financial compensation is always appreciated. So I am once again asking those who can afford it – to please help support this blog with whatever size donation they feel appropriate or by placing an ad. (See the link just below Paypal.)

Acharon Acharon Chaviv. As I did last year, I want to thank everyone who reads and/or comments on  this blog. Most of the comments are very intelligent and I have learned a great deal from many of them. You have all helped make Emes Ve-Emuah the success that it is.