Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Getting Nature to Call


Bob Schwartz,Yossi Cohen, and Peter Arneves - scientists at SelyraM Labs
One of the  Mitzvos associated with Purim, the holiday that we celebrate today is something called the Purim Seudah. And if your family is anything like ours, you will overeat… and get sick. You will be bloated. You will be constipated. And you will suffer the indignities of something we call ‘irregularity’.

Well, have I got a product for you. It’s called Prub.

Prub is a derivative of a tried and true product of the 30s, 40s, and 50s called SerutaN. This product was very popular back then and was advertised quite a lot on early TV. Especially on the old Arthur Godfrey Show.

For those who don’t remember Arthur, he was one of the most talented entertainers of that time. Perhaps even of all time. And his credibility was through the roof. I once bought a stock he recommended on his show, and I made a fortune. I was able to retire at age 65.  His show was sponsored by Serutan. And Arthur sold a lot of that stuff. It really worked.

Anyway the scientists at Selyram Labs (pictured above) have come up with a sure fire product that will give you relief.  Prub is an updated version of Serutan. Using technology not available back then our scientists (pictured above) were able to combine the active ingredient in Serutan with Fleet. Used as directed it will give you relief. Lots of it. You will not feel bloated after it does its magic. And it tastes good too.  (Available in Cherry, Lemon-Lime, Orange, Tropical Fruit, and Garlic.)

So if you overeat this Purim, not to worry. Just have a bottle of Prub handy and relax.

The commercial of that product back in the fifties ended with a very clever line ‘…and remember, Serutan spelled backwards is natures’.

I will end this commercial the same way: ‘…and remember, Prub spelled backwards is natures.’

To order, please call 1-800-288-2020. Ask for Bob.

Warning: This product is not affiliated with any reputable pharmaceutical company. Certified Kosher by  KKK. Must be 18 to play. Void where prohibited. Not suitable for children under 5. Batteries not included.