Friday, September 04, 2015

Best Comment of all Time

What he thinks of me
I cannot let this comment go. It is just too good to be buried in a comment thread from 2 days ago. I present it here in full. It is from a commenter that calls himself FWIW:
You have to understand what is really going on here. This so called medium of information exchange - this site - is a kind of evil. It's watching arrogance incarnate. You can't reason with the writer of this screed. He knows all. He has gotten much worse over time. He doesn't realize that people come here to talk to each other. He really has started to see himself as some kind of sage. But his banal posts are really irrelevant. He reminds me very much of the leaders of the haskala. If he were to come into my shul, I would do by best to have him thrown out and I have never done that to anyone anywhere. But this is constant public embarrassment of the Jewish people with exaggerations and spin that is usually found in a political ad for TV or Nazi propaganda.