Tuesday, November 08, 2016

A Birthday Election

US Senator from Illinois, Mark Kirk (Wikipedia)
I feel great. Much the same as I did in my last decade. And the one before that… and the one before that.

I turned 70 today. Which is not that much of an accomplishment since all I had to do was stay alive. But I am not taking that for granted. Being alive is usually a good thing. Especially when God grants you good health in mind, body, and soul. Which to the best of my knowledge, He did!

I am grateful that God  gave my ancestors some really great genes which they apparently passed on to me. And that he gave me both the strength and willpower to exercise physically and mentally on a daily basis.  I only pray that all of Klal Yisroel feels the way I do when they hit 70. And 80. …all the way up to 120! (and beyond).

That is not the only event happening today. Unless you live on the planet Pluto, you probably know that today is Election Day. We are going to elect an individual that will shape the American political landscape for the next 4 years (at least). And as most people that read this blog know, I endorsed – and am going to vote for Hillary Clinton. Much as I don’t like her politics, she is far superior to the alternative – no matter how one feels about their stated political positions on the issues. (see my endorsement here). Thankfully, all indications are that she will win the Presidency. Which for one thing means that the stock market won’t crash – the way it will if her opponent wins.

In my state of Illinois it doesn’t really matter who anybody endorses for President. Hilary is a shoe-in. So why bother to vote? Because it does matter who will represent Illinois in the US Senate. So for those of you that live in Illinois and are reading this, I cannot emphasize enough my endorsement of Senator Mark Kirk. He is a proven friend of Israel.  His opponent’s friendship remains to be seen. Unless you are a J-Street supporter. Then you might like the fact that they have endorsed her.  

I have no real issues with a war hero like Congresswoman Tammy Duckworth, Kirk’s opponent. I’m sure she is a fine public servant. But her record in the House of Representatives is pretty much straight out of the Democratic Party playbook. Making her pretty partisan. If you are a Democrat with liberal-left Democrat ideals, you will love her. But if you are like me and would like to see the people representing you vote on the issues rather than on the party line, your vote should be cast for Senator Kirk. He votes his conscience. Not his party. He has split with his party on many issues for ideological reasons. Most significantly being one of the first major Republican Senators (if not THE first) to reject his party’s candidate for President… and will not vote for him.

This is the kind of integrity we need in Congress. Certainly a lot more than someone that will just be a rubber stamp for the President. I am therefore repeating my call to go to the polls on this Election Day – my birthday – and vote for integrity. Not politics. Kirk has served us well and deserves to remain in office. Recent polls have shown Tammy Duckworth to be ahead. Let us do our best to not let that remain the case today. Every vote counts. Now more than ever.