Friday, December 22, 2017

The United Nations - Esav Sonei L’Yaakov

Jerusalem of Gold - Israel’s holy capital
I am so tired of all the hand-wringing over the rest of the world’s condemnation of US recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. The media focus on that makes it seem like the world must be right since they are practically uniform in that condemnation. Adding fuel to that perspective is the fact that our President often comes off like a clueless buffoon whose only interests are self aggrandizement at the expense of others. Makes it kind of easy for the media to paint a negative picture of his views when they don’t agree with him.

The problem with this ‘logic’ is that when a ‘buffoon’ happens be right, it doesn’t matter. It only matters if it fits in with one’s political perspective. With a respectable President, it is difficult to paint truth negatively. With a buffoonish President – it’s easy. You don’t like his political perspective? Just play on his buffoonish image and the public will lap it up. 

The one thing I have learned over the past year is to never trust the mainstream media. At least not the way I used to. I take everything they say with a huge bolder of salt!

What about that world opinion? Is there any justification to their views? I can understand why Muslim countries would object to America recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. In the minds of many Muslims, it contradicts their religious beliefs. But for Europe, the hypocrisy of their official identities as christian or catholic countries is astounding. To deny that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel is to deny their own bible.

Now it’s true that they do not look at this in religious terms. They say that this move hurts the peace process ( though there was one). They also say that this will cause all kinds of havoc in Israel. I think they really believe they are doing it for the right reasons despite the fact that they know that refusing to recognize Jerusalem contradicts their bible.

But I also think they are fooling themselves. I believe that deep down somewhere in their subconscious minds Europe is antisemitic to the core.  It is in their mother’s milk ( paraphrase Menachem Begin).  That includes even places like England. You don’t have go too far away from the seat of power in that country to see it overtly. Opposition leader (of the very liberal Labour Party), Jeremy Corbyn is practically a Yasser Arafat clone in terms of his views about Israel. 

France is not much better. The Vichy government of their predecessors during WWII was steeped in antisemitism. They gladly collaborated with the Nazis in their goal of Jewish extermination!

Need I say where Germany lies in all this?

While today Jews may be treated fine in these respective countries, that is probably mostly because of guilt over the Holocaust. We know what the European past with respect to the Jewish people looks like! European history is stained with Jewish blood. I believe that deep down it is their guilt that makes them give any legitimacy at all to the Jewish State. But just barely. Make no mistake about it. The antisemitism is there and being expressed at the UN on a daily basis by all - but the US.  

Lest anyone argue that they mean well and voted that way in the best interests of Israel, one does not have to look too far back in the past when every country (with the exception of the US who under a different President only abstained) voted for a resolution condemning Israeli settlements as the biggest obstacle to peace – without reference to the real problem: Arabs being raised from birth to see Jews a cabal of brutal Nazis with a mission to take over the world! True they made a passing reference condemning violence on both sides. But that was hardly the point of that resolution. It was mostly about condemning Israel.

I am glad to see the Trump administration standing up to these nations. I never thought I’d see the day. Finally, the US has a President with the courage to do so. And has appointed a most eloquent spokesman to deliver that message. 

Doesn’t this make the US an outcast at the UN? Absolutely not. The US is by far the most powerful nation on earth. Both in its military and economic strength. The truth is that the UN contributes nothing to the welfare of the US. or even humanity if you think about it.

As far as I am concerned. The UN is a complete waste of taxpayer money. All of the so called social agencies under the UN umbrella will do just fine without them. They can operate as independent organizations – just as many of them did before the UN was created. They would not go away if the UN ceased to exist.

What about preserving world peace that the UN was created for? I don’t see them making any difference. I do not see France attacking Germany or vice versa. Or any other European country attacking any other European country in the age of nuclear weapons.  

What about North Korea? Don’t we need the world’s help with that? Foolish question. Europe is at least as vulnerable to attack as the US. Japan and South Korea even more so. It is in their own interests to treat North Korea as the pariah it is and sanction them accordingly. Refusing to do so is at their own peril.

The UN had no control over all the wars and uprisings taking place in the Middle East. The agenda of the UN now is bashing Israel.

I am grateful that we now have an administration that sees things that way. They see the present and historical reality of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and are no longer afraid to the antisemsites in the UN.  I actually hope we keep our word about the consequences to an unappreciative world that voted against us. God bless the United States of America - the great exception to the truism of the sages: ‘Halacha He - Esav Sonei L’Yaakov’.  In Europe it’s still true