Friday, April 18, 2008

Blessed is the Promise Keeper

Baruch Shomer Havtechaso L’Yisroel. Blessed be He (God) who keeps his promises to Israel. That is a declaration made by the Haggadah.

Strange indeed. Is there any doubt that God keeps his promises? What is the point being made by the author of the Haggadah? R’ Baruch HaLevi Epstein author of the Torah Temimah answers this question in his Haggadah, Baruch SheAmar.

The Israel in this phrase is not referring to the people of Israel. It is referring to the patriarch Jacob – also called Israel. And we thank God for fulfilling his covenantal promise through the patriarch Jacob. This assures the people of Israel will be the beneficiaries.

The covenantal promise made to Abraham’s offspring was not yet a guarantee that the people of Israel would be the final beneficiaries. That’s because Abraham not only had our patriarch Isaac as a son, he had Ishmael. The promise could have gone through him.

So God had to re-promise Isaac. But that did not guarantee it either. Isaac not only had Jacob - he had Esau. The promise could have flowed through him and not Jacob.

It is only when God re-promised his covenant with Jacob, that the people of Israel would have that guarantee. We rejoice at that and express praise God for keeping his promise to … Israel, Isaac’s son.

Taken From Torah L'Daas

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