Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Respectable Anti Semites

I am so tired of anti Semites who pretend they are not. Especially when they have world renown and are respected people. When they are Jews (Yes, Virginia, there are Jews who are anti Semites – self hating Jews) - that is just icing on the cake for neo Nazis and the KKK. They are loving this stuff!

Of course not all Jews critical of Israel are that way. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is reported to have referred to Obama Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel that way. And top Obama advisor David Axelrod as well. I don’t think they are at all. But there are such people.

One of them - it appears - is the head of the U.N. Fact-Finding Mission on Gaza - South African Justice Richard Goldstone. What is unusual about him is that he was considered a friend of the Jewish State. He even served on the board of trustees to Hebrew University and was once president of World ORT. His daughter actually once lived in Israel.

But that did not stop him from severely criticizing Israel’s incursion into Gaza last year. The mission he headed was so biased it could have been written by Hamas. All the typical canards were listed about Israel’s indiscriminate civilian targets and excessive force without the slightest bit of context. Oh there was lip-service to the fact that Hamas ‘militants’ weren’t ‘playing fair’ by hiding out among in densely populated civilian areas. But that criticism was mild compared to the harsh treatment his report had for to Israel.

If one were required to avoid enemy civilian casualties at all costs - Israel would have no way to defend itself. Hamas terrorists know this. By their own word - they love death more than we love life. This makes their hiding in plain sight tactic a brilliant move for them. The more of them that die at our hand the better they like it. That makes them all their innocent civilians martyrs for their cause. And it accomplishes exactly what this report did. It makes Israel look like they are barbarians who indiscriminately target civilians – when the opposite is true. It is Hamas who does that. This is a win for them. Their innocent ‘martyrs’ died for a good cause. And the world beats Israel up for it.

Currently the public relations could not be worse. And this report just adds to that. And Justice Goldstone can sit in one interview I saw and calmly claim that Israel’s incursion into Gaza last year was a huge human rights violation while practically ignoring the reason they went in – the indiscriminate firing by Hamas of deadly rockets into the civilian population of Israel!

I have three words for this guy: What a fool! I’m glad I never had to stand in judgment before him in any court case. My Judaism would surely have worked against me! I don’t care how ‘pro Israel’ he is supposed to be. The claims in this report probably over-powers anything positive he has done in the past. It is a perverse lie that has done much harm to Israel’s image!

It is reports like these that give succor to the anti-Semites of the world. And it adds to the credibility of people like Zbigniew Brzezinski – former national Security advisor for President Jimmy Carter. This guy is perhaps the most virulent ‘respectable’ critic of Israel. And he gets away with it. After all he was once the a top foreign policy advisor to a President. How much more patriotic can one get?! Here is his latest gem. He advises that the United States ought to shoot down any Israeli aircraft if it violates Iraq’s airspace on its way to a mission to Iran. Nice. Very respectable way to treat one’s allies. Shoot at them. What an anti-Semite.

But the grand-daddy of them all is Jimmy Carter. He never misses an opportunity to bash Israel – blaming them for everything that is wrong in the Middle East. He even wrote a book about it. Brzezinski and Carter – birds of a feather!

Jimmy Carter claims his intentions are good. The Nobel Peace Prize winner says that he only wants to see ‘peace in our time’ in the Middle East. Well  he may not be an anti Semite but he is the biggest fool of all. Either way - age apparently has not granted him any wisdom. It has made him quite stupid and blind - with a very short memory about peace at any price. That was tried back in 1939 by Neville Chamberlain. Give Hitler what he wants and we would avoid war. Did he forget the results of that ‘peace deal’?

I am not sure about the man’s sanity at this point. Congressman Joe Wilson who in a display of gross disrespect shouted out at the President recently during a joint address to congress. Carter said that Wilson was motivated by racism. The President himself dismissed that notion. But Carter really believes it.

As the above editorial cartoon shows - I think the media is finally catching on.