Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The ‘Evil’ Israeli Government

What can one say about a Kiddush HaShem of this magnitude. No printed word can describe better than what can be seen on this video originally broadcast by CNN - a news organization that has in the past been less than sympathetic to Israel's point of view.

This story is about the medical field team of the IDF sent to Haiti by the evil Israeli government. You know… the Israeli government - the one everybody finds something to condemn them about.

It is the evil Israeli government who has been condemned by the nations of the world through their representation in United Nations via the ‘Zionism is Racism’ resolution.

This is the evil government that Neturei Karta and their friends in Iran who want to wipe of the face of the earth. This is the evil government that the ‘Jimmy Carters’ of the world compare to the racist apartheid regime of pre-Mandela South Africa. (No – I don’t buy Carter's apology…)

This is the evil Israeli government that the leftist elites that dominate Academia have compared to Nazi Germany… and the target of vitriolic anti-Semitic hate speech (in the guise of anti Zionism) on university campuses all over the country.

This is the evil government that is literally cursed by Satmar Chasidim.

This is the evil government that is vilified by both the secular far left for not making more concessions for peace - and the religious Zionist far right for making any concessions at all …and no less by Charedim for not providing enough money to their Avreichim and for their institutions - and myriad other issues.

Yes - it is this ‘evil’ government that is responsible for this Kiddush HaShem. Think about it!