Monday, May 31, 2010


Israel is a dumb ‘hic’ country that will never amount to anything because it is run by a bunch of Morons.

Oh. Wait a minute. It has been around for over 60 years and is a world power with nuclear capabilities. I guess they can’t be that stupid then. In fact they are the opposite of stupid and have been so successful at so many different levels their accomplishments are astounding. The hand of God is as obvious here as it was during the holocaust. Only the most jaded skeptics would deny that.

The Middle East miracle called the ‘State of Israel’ was not the result of open miracles. Nor was it the the result of the ‘devil’s work’ as described by the Satmar Rebbe. God in his Infinite wisdom and for his own purpose put the fate of Israel in the hands of secular leaders and gave them the tools to do it endowing them with high intelligence and military prowess. They have done a superb job.

Israel’s strategic defense decisions have made it the envy of governments. The victory of the six day war was studied by military strategists around the world – including the United States. Israel is feared by their hostile Arab neighbors who I believe outnumber them 40 to 1. Most Arabs would (if they could) just as soon annihilate the Jewish state as eat a piece of cake.

Which is why they have resorted to terrorism. They have no other weapon against Israel. Making peace never even occurred to any of them until late into the 20th century. Those few who were willing to sign a peace treaty and be done with it all - were more than undermined by rejectionist terror organizations like Hezbollah and Hamas. The minute they smell peace – they do everything they can to sabotage it. So far they have succeeded. And the devout among the general Muslim populace support that rejectionist attitude treating suicide bombers like martyrs. Mothers who lose their sons that way cry tears of joy!

Which leads me to the current crisis. From the New York Times:

Israel’s deadly naval commando raid Monday morning on a flotilla carrying thousands of tons of supplies for Gaza is generating widespread international condemnation and diplomatic repercussions far beyond the waters where the confrontation occurred.

Unfortunately in the topsy turvy world of the left Israel cannot win. They are in a lose/lose situation. Israel had to know that an attack like this risked condemnation – even by her friends. And that is pretty much what happened. I have not heard one word of defense in any of the media except from pro Israel groups like AIPAC.

And yet Israel did it anyway. Why?

Anyone with half a brain has to know that Israel is not so stupid as to ask for even more criticism from the world than it already gets – even from the United States. They had to know that this was going to be a PR disaster. They must have determined that it was the lesser of two evils to attack this flotilla. Obviously from the perspective of the left – this was a PR victory of major proportions. Israel is made to look like a bully who cares little about the human misery and degradation of the impoverished residents of Gaza.

The flotilla is being made out to be a purely humanitarian enterprise with no intent to harm Israel in any way. But the facts belie that contention. 10 people aboard that boat were killed. But the IDF does not fire unless they are fired upon or are in other ways in mortal danger. These people were not going to lose an opportunity to make Israel look bad. They knew that the world would see this as an attack on good Samaritans whose only goal was to feed the hungry. Great image! So they tried to break the blockade on this basis.

But Israel set up the blockade not to hurt innocent Gazans but to protect itself from mortal danger by preventing weapons from being smuggled in that are used to kill Jews. That boat was perfect for that purpose. It was filled with fools and Jew haters some of which are self hating Jews whose purpose was as much to embarrass Israel as it was to distribute food.

Even if not a single weapon was found Israel did the right thing. They had no way of knowing that if they were or weren't. Israel had no choice but to board that boat and see what was on it. Had they stopped at the port in Ashdod as they were asked to they could have avoided confrontation. But that was turned down for the sole purpose of embarrassing Israel. They have succeeded.

The Israeli Defense Forces said more than 10 people were killed when naval personnel boarding the six ships in the aid convoy met with “live fire and light weaponry including knives and clubs.” The naval forces then “employed riot dispersal means, including live fire,” the military said in a statement.

I believe that. But that is not what the left, their sympathizers in the media, and European governments believe. For Israel looking at these antagonists - it was a lose/lose proposition. They could let it go and take the chance that arms were being smuggled or they could raid the boat and be seen as oppressing the impoverished by denying them entry. They choose safety over PR. And on cue the left buys hook line and sinker the spin of the ‘Greta Berlins’ of the world. Again - from the New York Times:

Greta Berlin, a leader of the pro-Palestinian Free Gaza Movement, speaking by telephone from Cyprus, rejected the military’s version.

“That is a lie,” she said, adding that it was inconceivable that the civilian passengers on board would have been “waiting up to fire on the Israeli military, with all its might.” “We never thought there would be any violence,” she said.

She may fool the left but she does not fool me for a minute. All right thinking people – Jew or Gentile -should be able to see right through this. Israel did not get to be the military power it is by making stupid mistakes. Knowing that it was a lose/lose situation their intelligence people probably thought this was the lesser of two evils – that letting an un-inspected flotilla full of supplies through the blockade was simply too dangerous. They knew it would be a PR disaster and did it anyway. Now they are going to take their lumps.

I only hope that clearer heads prevail where it counts – in the halls of congress and in the White House. I have no hope that Europe will see it in any other way than an unprovoked attack against innocent human life whose only purpose was to feed the hungry. As of yet the Obama administration has only commented about the regretful loss of life. The President has not commented on the propriety of Israel’s action. We will see how he proceeds from here.

Prime Minster Benjamin Netanyahu is in Canada right now and scheduled to meet with the President tomorrow. Let’s hope that it is not another tongue lashing behind closed doors and that the President realizes that Israel had no choice. It is long past time for him to realize that pandering to the European left by tilting in their direction with respect to Israel is immoral.