Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Enemies of the State

Enemies of the state - The state of Israel that is. No I’m not talking about Hamas. I am talking about Jews. Not secular-leftist Jews but Satmar Chasidim!

They have never hidden that fact. But they have in the past not acted upon it. One might be tempted to say that yesterday’s protest by masses of Satmar Chasidim in front of the Israeli embassy in Manhattan was not such an act but merely an exercise in free speech and in no way subversive to the state. There was after all no violence.

Ordinarily I might agree with that – and their right to protest. But timing is everything. Israel is currently in the midst of one of its many challenges from the anti Semites of the world. It is being roundly condemned from all corners of the world for boarding a ‘humanitarian’ flotilla and killing 10 ‘peaceful’ activists whose only crime was the desire to feed the hungry and downtrodden masses of Gaza.

That’s the spin and much of the world is buying it. As I said yesterday I do not buy this version. No need to repeat why. The point is that this ‘humanitarian’ boat is in reality a clever and apparently successful ploy by Palestinian sympathizers to embarrass the Jewish people. And it has worked. The three major network news media all characterized it that way this morning. The most commonly used phrase in all those reports was ‘humanitarian aid’. The images broadcast during those reports from around the world were of angry Muslims and their duped sympathizers in America in angry protest condemning the murderous Israelis.

And then there are all the supposedly unbiased pundits who carefully craft their criticism so as not to sound anti-Semitc. Well maybe they aren’t - who knows! But instead of waiting and carefully analyzing what really happened - they have rushed to judgment and very quickly bought into the anti Semitic version of this event by its organizers – who have promised more of the same. (And why not? It worked out so well for them! )

Of course Satmar Chasidim are not in the pro-Palestinian camp. Though they do share the same goal – the destruction of the Jewish State - they have always stopped short of acting on it -realizing that the alternative to Zionists running the country would be a lot worse. At least until now. It seems like they have had a change of heart. Maybe they are ready for Muslim fanatics to take over of the Jewish State. If yesterday’s actions are any indication it seems that they prefer Hamas Muslims to Zionist Jews.

The whole Muslim world and their European and leftist sympathizers and even many good hearted people who hear this spin and buy into it as a humanitarian tragedy perpetrated by Israel are busy bashing the State of Israel. Satmar has joined the fray and is bashing Israel too – on the same day. Of course Satmar wasn’t protesting the Commando raid and the loss of life. They were protesting the digging up of some ancient grave sites in Ashkelon and Jaffa. They claim these graves were Jewish ones - even making an astounding claim that they were the graves of sages!

The Orthodox Chief Rabbinate has determined that these graves were not Jewish. They may be removed and reburied elsewhere. But let’s be honest. Grave sites are a side issue for Satmar. The real issue for them is their hatred of Zionism. This was yet another opportunity to curse Israel – one of their favorite pastimes.

Lest anyone think this was some sort of rogue group or Neturei Karta members – think again. Rav Aaron Teitelbaum –one of the two the Satmar Rebbes - attended this protest - as can be seen in the photo above where he is sitting at the far right holding a cane.

It is quite likely that this protest had been planned long before the commando raid. But it doesn’t matter. If they really cared for Acheinu Bnei Yisroel as they claim - it should have been canceled or at least postponed to a later date. They should have waited until the anti Semites of the world have left the stage. But they didn’t do that. They joined in - relishing their moment in the sun – protesting against the Zionist entity.

Does it really matter that Satmar has so many other fine qualities when they so adamantly curse Israel and completely disregard the exigent circumstances? They apparently do not really care about Klal Yisroel at all - despite their vaunted reputation as Baalei Chesed. They are only Baalei Chesed when it doesn’t conflict with their most important value – cursing the Jewish State. That apparently takes precedence. The opportunity arose and they acted! Let the chips fall where they may.

This exposes what Satmar for what it really is. Their primary concern is not the Jewish people but the Satmar Hashkafa of cursing Israel. And that is disgusting. There is no other word for it. Their attitude endangers millions of Jews in the Jewish state. And if anyone thinks I am bashing Satmar - I am!

Update: There has been much made about the other Satmar faction led by Rav Zalmen Teitelbaum who canceled a protest in Washington DC becuase of this incident. I actually believed for a moment that there may still be some sanity among this segment and that they canceled it for the right reasons. Sadly that is not the case. From a press release:

...due to the Israeli military's actions over the past day, many groups and governments in the world have joined in protest against the State of Israel. The CRC (Central Rabbinical Congress) also joins the world in condemning the Israeli military action; however, they were concerned that if the demonstration against the cemetery desecration were to be held at this time, it might be misconstrued by some as a protest solely against the military action, and then their message regarding the Zionists' anti-religious decrees would not be heard.

Hat tip: honestly frum