Friday, March 03, 2017

American Muslims, Palestinian Muslims, and Hamas

Vandalized Jewish cemetery in Philadelphia (Reuters via the Jerusalem Post)
I wish it were that easy. In a poignant plea for understanding between peoples, Salaam Bhatti asks the question asked by the immortal Rodney King, ‘Can’t we all just get along?’

I think we can. Even though there are unfortunately many people that consider all Muslims to be actual or closet terrorists, I could not disagree more. It has been demonstrated many times that when politics are taken out of the equation Muslims and Jews can get along just fine. We have many mutual interests in this country. Such as fighting for our constitutional rights to practice our respective religions. In fact, in February of 2015, Agudah filed an appeal with the Supreme Court on behalf of Samantha Elauf, a Muslim woman denied a job by Abercrombie and Fitch because she wore a black head scarf.

There are ample examples of tolerance and acceptance between us. The most recent display of that came last month when a Jewish cemetery was vandalized in St. Louis. The Muslim community took it upon themselves to raise money for the Jewish community to help pay for its restoration. How wonderful, I thought. If only this could be the start of a new era of love and understanding between our peoples all over the world. If one looks at Islam and Judaism objectively, our 2 religions have much in common. More than Judaism and Christianity do.

Imagine if that were the case in Israel. We could have peace between Palestinians and Israelis in a New York minute! A 2 state solution already exists and was accepted by a previous Israeli government.

Unfortunately what happens in America, stays in America. Except for the occasional Muslim terrorist inspired by ISIS et al, I believe the vast majority of Muslims in this country are tolerant of us. They may side with their Palestinian brothers with respect to how they view the situation there. But they do not hate us because of our religion. They do not hate us as people.

This is not the case with Palestinians on the West Bank. Although most of them won’t kill us, neither do they want to be friends with us. While there are many that would be happy making peace in a 2 state solution, unfortunately the ruling class there, the fanatical terrorist Hamas, will have no part of it.

The Palestinian authority is not the popular party there. Hamas is. But even if they weren’t, they are the ones in control when Israel  is taken out of the picture. This is what happened in Gaza after Israel removed itself.  Hamas believes in a one state solution: a Palestinian one. They have sworn to continue their armed struggle to take back all of Israel. Including Tel Aviv. And have proven their resolve to do so many times by sending rockets indiscriminately into populated areas in Israel. Doing so as recently as this week! Not to mention sending over terrorists from Gaza to kill Jews through secret tunnels leading from Gaza into Israel.

This is the problem with what Bhatti wishes for. I wish for it too. But it just is not going to happen. The hatred of Jews is in the mother’s milk of the religious Hamas supporting Muslim in that part of the world. How many times have I heard from a Muslim mother on the West bank that her greatest joy would be to have her son become a martyr by blowing himself up in a crowd of Jews in Israel?!

Not convinced that most Muslim Palestinians feel this way? Like I said, most of them won’t do it. But when terrorists killed in Jihadist attacks against Israel become folk heroes to Palestinians… when their pictures are plastered all over the West Bank on posters as heroes... when streets are named after them, it does not take rocket science to figure out what is in their hearts with respect to the Jewish State or its people.

As some of my Rebbeim – religious teachers used to say about things they thought were futile: It’s a Bracha L’Vatalah- a wasted blessing.

So I say to my fellow Muslim citizens in this wonderful country, I appreciate very much what you have done for us in St. Louis. I value the warmth and friendship you have shown. I appreciate the goals you seek. They are my goals too. But until such time your brothers in Israel stop indoctrinating hatred for Jews among its people… until such time that Jihadist terrorists that kill Jews stop being glorified by Palestinians… there can be no Palestinian State on the West Bank. No matter how much we wish it to be so.

Because as things stand now, if Israel were to grant them that, Hamas would surely use it to their advantage in pursuing their goal of ethnically cleansing ALL Jews from 'the greater Palestine of their religious dreams'. Until proven otherwise, it should be obvious to anyone with a brain that the West Bank will turn into a larger, more dangerous Gaza. And only a fool would allow that to happen.