Monday, November 13, 2023

The Moral and Ethical View of a Non Jew

Guest Contribution by Chrstopher Blighton-Sande

35 children murdered by Hamas on October 7th (Ynet) 
We, the Jewish people, are not alone. One might think we are considering all the media attention on protests against Israel going on all over the world. Including those going on right here in the US. But as I have been saying they are in the minority despite their huge numbers and loud voices at recent protests. 

Sad to say some Jews are attending these protests out of sheer ignorance. Believing the Palestinian narrative that Israel is committing genocide. Which is bolstered by images of dead bodies and bloodied civilian survivors in Gaza. Suffering in desperation while mourning over the loss of a loved one killed in the war. Without realizing that the cause of all that suffering is the direct responsibility of Hamas. Against whom the Jewish people are fighting for its very life! Hamas believes we do not have a right to exist as a nation- or even as a people. And they are deliberately using their own people as human shields - considering them martyrs for the cause.

I have always maintained that the majority of the American people understands the truth. They are not fooled by the antisemitic (disguised as only being anti Zionist) rhetoric. They realize that the real enemy is Hamas. An enemy not only of Israel and the Jewish people but of all the entire civilized world. Hamas knew that the price of their barbaric slaughter of 1200 innocent human beings (35 of which were children) and kidnapping of of about 230 hostages (30 of which are children)  would precipitate a massive response by Israel. Which would create many unwitting and unwilling martyrs. But that's OK with them as long as Israel gets blamed. The more survivors cry out, the happier they secretly are. 

But the majority of American people are not the only ones that realize the justness of Israel's cause and supports their actions in Gaza. There are decent people all over the world that realize this. Including many on the far (but not radical) left. 

One such individual by the name of Chrstopher Blighton-Sande (whom I do not know and never met) was so moved by all of this that he decided to post a comment right here on my blog expressing his view. I believe his words demonstrate what an informed, moral, and ethical opinion on this issue is. Whether Jewish or not. Whether liberal or conservative. Whether religious or not. I have therefore decided to post his comment in its entirety as a  stand alone post (with this introduction). His unedited heartfelt words follow. 

Once again I feel compelled to do that which I don't usually do and comment. Once again I shall point out that I'm a European, gay, very left-wing person with the kind of radical environmentalist views that the blog host is often critical of - not that these things are important per se, but simply because I do feel it's important to know that support for Israelis and Jewish people isn't something that only exists on the right of politics.

That said I am deeply ashamed by the reaction of much of the left towards the barbaric pogrom carried out by Hamas on the October 7th and towards Israel's subsequent response. The indifference to the suffering of Israelis and the justification, excusing and even approval of attacks on Israelis horrifies me and I'm heartbroken by how casually antisemitism is being seen at anti-Israel demos, in online discourse and in conversations. Unfortunately severe intellectual laziness is leading many otherwise good people to defend the indefensible and be blind to the naked prejudice they are espousing or indirectly supporting.

I also feel a huge sadness for the innocents in Gaza, especially the children, who are suffering immensely. That does not however, cause me to lose sight of the fact that Hamas could end that suffering now by unconditionally surrendering, returning the hostages to their families, handing over their weapons and ending their 'governance' of Gaza - and I wish that more in the international community were pressuring them to do just that and deeply frustrated that they don't. Nor does it cause me to lose sight of the fact that Israel cannot allow Hamas to remain in power in Gaza or to hand them any sort of outcome that they can spin as a 'victory' which will only embolden future violence against Israel.

I can only imagine that many Israelis and Jews feel totally alone at this time in the face of many examples of global hostility. And although I am just one individual, I just want you to know that I care.