Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Sometimes - I Just Get it Wrong

There seems to be a major question about the accuracy of the original reporting of a story upon which I based an earlier post (now removed). The terrible murders of the American Ambassador to Libya and other deaths related to some Muslim rioting in Libya may very well not have been the result of what was originally reported.

I based that post on a on a Wall Street Journal story quoted in Ha’aretz in the following way: 
According to a Wall Street Journal report, the director of the movie, called "Innocence of Muslims," is an Israel-American, 52-year-old Sam Bacile, who wanted to show "Islam as a cancer." Mr. Bacile claims that 100 Jewish donors funded the movie to the tune of $5 million, the newspaper reported.  
One of the most trusted news media organizations in the world is the Wall Street Journal. As I have repeatedly said in the past, I do not have the resources check out every story reported in the media. I therefore trust respected media like the WSJ to do the research for me. They usually get it right. 

But I guess in this case, they may have erred. And if reports in other news media outlets are correct - the errors were huge and grossly misrepresented what the source of the violence was and what (and who) was responsible for it. I do not wish to compound their possible errors with a post of my own based on such gross misinformation. I apologize for the error.

An analysis of yesterday’s poll will follow shortly.