Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Who Are You?

It’s kind of a slow news day today so I thought I would take this opportunity to take a poll. I have been toying with the idea of finding out the demographic makeup of my readership. So I am going to take a stab at it.

The right margin contains is a poll asking how you see yourself. The categories are:

Charedi – Chasidic
Charedi – Yeshivish
Charedi – Moderate
Modern Orthodox – Centrist
Modern Orthodox – Left Wing
Non Orthodox
Not Jewish

The categories listed may not exactly fit what or who you are. There may be some overlap. But I think I designed them as clearly as possible - and to reflect as wide a spectrum as I could without making a list too long to make any sense. At 8 categories it may already be too long.

I should mention that MO-Centrist includes those who are RWMO. I chose to use the word Centrist because I think that is the most common way for RWMO to identify themselves.

I should also mention that Hashkafos like TIDE and TuM can be found in other categories as well. Although are probably most common in the 3 middle categories.  (Especially TIDE).

For those unsure of the definition of Orthoprax - for purposes of this poll it means that one is observant but has become a skeptic about some of the fundemental beliefs in Orthodox Judaism -  in some cases leading to atheism. 

I would appreciate not only your vote but if you are so inclined - to please indicate in the comments section why you voted as you did.

Voting will only take a moment and is done anonymously. I'd really like to know the breakdown of who reads this blog.

One more thing. I know that the grey margin area is hard to read. But the categories are short and distinct. They should not present a major problem for anyone. Please vote. Poll closes tomorrow at Noon.

Thank you.