Monday, August 19, 2013

Best Wishes and Much Success to R’ Gil

Rabbi Gil Student
Rabbi Gil Student has embarked on an ambitious new project. A few weeks ago he has ended his highly successful blog, Hirhurim, and yesterday launched (at the same web address) a new project he describes as an online periodical rather than a blog. It is called Torah Musings. Here in part is how Gil describes his new project: 

Content – Other writers will take a prominent place on the new website. In the past, I was the primary writer and guest writers occasionally joined. Now, other writers—some guests and some with regular columns—will provide the majority of the content.
Dialogue – In the past, the majority of conversation was through comments and only occasionally with an essay written in response. While responses (previously called comments) will still play a role in the new website, they are being deemphasized in favor of full length essays explaining readers’ views. We want conversation that is thought out, not off the cuff. More on comments below.
Decisions – In the past, I made all the decisions about what to publish and other policy decisions, often based on ad hoc consultation with advisors. The new website has an editorial committee charged with making those decisions. More on that below.
In summary, the focus of the website has moved to the content. Readers are encouraged to participate by responding substantively and topically or by submitting essays of their own. In that respect, responses (comments) will be heavily moderated—the word “draconian” comes to mind—to ensure that they add to the discussion of the essay and reflect responsible internet ethics... 
I want to convey my best wishes for a huge success in this endeavor. Gil has always been one of the brighter lights on the internet and I welcome Torah Musings, his new addition to it. It will surely enhance the knowledge of his considerable readership which will now no doubt increase. 

There is a shortage Jewish websites like this which stem from a mainstream Orthodox Jewish perspective and yet are as open-minded as Gil is. I plan to frequent his new online periodical regularly… and I advise everyone else to do the same. It is permanently linked in my Blog List (below – right margin). Congratulations Gil, and good luck.