Thursday, April 16, 2015

Rising from Divorce

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OHEL’S New Groundbreaking Rising from Divorce Video Is a Community-Wide Call to Action 

Dr Hindie Klein, OHEL Director of Clinical Projects

Though ubiquitous for centuries, divorce today has increased significantly in the Orthodox community. In today’s times, almost everyone knows someone affected by divorce.

Given this new reality, OHEL believes there is an important need to better educate the wider community about the impact of divorce, and the specific roles that the wider community, Rabbis, community leaders, and educators can play to help ensure that both parents of divorce, and children of divorce can thrive.

Promoting Community Awareness

It is this belief that drew OHEL to make the groundbreaking new video, “Rising from Divorce” a film for all members of the community.

OHEL believed that a video could powerfully address the issue of divorce and its effects on divorced parents and children from a variety of perspectives: parents, professionals, educators, Rabbis, community leaders, and adult children of divorce.  We believed that it would resonate and be meaningful for everyone and very importantly, serve as a “Community Call to Action.”

What Question Did We Want To Address? 

Our focus was the “day after” after divorce. This would not be a video that addressed why couples get divorced.  Rather, we were interested in hearing about what it was like after the divorce.  What happens to the children and parents post-divorce?  How are parents treated—by their ex-spouses, by family, friends, children’s teachers, and the neighbor next door?  How are the children treated—by their parents, extended family, neighborhood or school friends, or teachers? We also wanted this to be a piece that would address not only what is happening, but also what should be happening; a video that would provide insight, help and practical guidance.

Who Should See This Video?

As more and more individuals and children are affected by divorce, the question arises as to the community’s role and responsibility to divorced parents and children in need. Rabbis, Educators, Community Leaders and the community at large are being faced with the challenging task of how best to sensitively respond to those affected by divorce.   What responsibility do we have to our future generation? 

The answer is in US—in all of us.

Everyone has a responsibility to reach out, guide, support and help parents and children of divorce. 

Brooklyn Screening and Panel Discussion Sunday April 19th

OHEL is launching the new video in screenings in Brooklyn, New York, Teaneck, New Jersey, and Long Island. The screenings will be accompanied by panel discussions including local Rabbis, clinicians and educators.

The Brooklyn screening is taking place this Sunday April 19th at The Young Israel of Midwood at 7pm. The screening of the 35 minute film will be accompanied by Divrei Brocha from Rav Moshe Tuvia Lieff, Morah D'Asra of Agudath Israel Bais Binyomin as well as words from Rabbi Eli Mansour, Rabbi of Bet Yaakob, who will be joining the panel discussion.

They say it takes a village.  Indeed, this is our mission: to engage ALL members of our community as comrades in arms, advocating for the welfare of our families.