Wednesday, April 15, 2015

The Emes Ve-Emunah Segulah Fund

The Segulah Pushka - Not needed here!
As someone that cares deeply about the welfare of Klal Yisroel and believes that one has to be Chas Al Mamon Yisroel (care about the money of my people) I have decided to offer my lucky readers the Emes Ve-Emunah Segulah Fund.

Yes friends if you are in the market for a Shidduch, a cure for a deadly disease, salvation from the Lord, not working and need a real job, or are simply seeking Nachos from your wayward children - you have come to the right place.

For the small price of a dollar-a-day your problems will be solved. The Emes Ve-Emunah Segulah Fund is now open for business. All you have to do is deposit a dollar-a-day for a 30 day period into my PayPal account (located in the upper right margin)… and all your dreams will come true.

This Segula is a proven method of help in the merit of R’ Chaim Yankel Wallowitz of Pidbish, the great, great, great grandfather of my paternal grandmother, Shprintza. Chaim Yankel was known to his followers as the Segula King. When you went to him for a Bracha, he was sure to give you one. I know this for a fact. As his descendant, I too have been granted this ability and I will give you a Bracha for the low, low price of a dollar-a-day. (Must be consecutive days totaling 30).

It is a simple and economical undertaking. Here’s how it works: Deposit one dollar-a-day into my PayPal account for the sick of Klal Yisroel and recite the phrases of Yeshaya in Nach: chapter one: phrases 13 through 16.

The miracles to those in need who have done this Segulah in the past, have been witnessed by thousands of Jews worldwide!

In today’s critical era when everyone is so desperate for Refuahs and Yeshuos of all kinds,  Emes Ve-Emunah has integrated the aforementioned $1―30 day Segulah into its website as a source of Yeshuos to all in need.

We have designated our popular PayPal account in lieu of a “Segulah Pushka” specifically for this purpose greasing your path to salvation.  PayPal accepts all credit cards. Deposit your dollar-a-day for 30 days and watch it work wonders!

In fairness I should note that this project is not original with me. I saw it first at YWN . They are featuring a Segulah of their own but at twice the price ( $2 a day for 30 days). And they require you to go to the trouble of ordering a Pushka, no less! True - they had the idea first. But it’s a good one so I went with it. Although I’m sure that their Segulah is just as worthy as mine – mine’s cheaper. It’s half the price! Why spend more?