Monday, January 21, 2013

Rabbi Shlomo Slatkin Clarifies His Educational Background

Guest Post by Rabbi Shlomo Slatkin

Rabbi Shlomo Slatkin
A few days ago I posted a defense of Rabbi Slatkin's essay dealing with the issue of individual therapy versus couples therapy for troubled marriages. Some of the comments challenged his educational background - which he asked to clarify. The following are his words.

Thank you to Rabbi Maryles for defending what I wrote against some of the comments that I also felt were missing the point. As a response will be forthcoming on,  I will not respond here to the criticisms of my

I am amazed by the false accusations being made by anonymous bloggers about my credentials. I have nothing to hide. You are all welcome to contact me directly if you are disturbed by anything posted in my bio. For the sake of emes, in line with the aim of the blog, I must clarify the following.

ex-brit- I spent my junior year abroad at Pembroke College as part of a joint program with GWU. This was in 1997 so if I do not define the program to your liking please forgive me. My GW transcript reads as follows:

"Transfer credit accepted GW Exch Oxford University-Pembroke." 

If you are interested in reading a copy or would like to see the classes I attended, feel free to contact me. You are welcome to contact GWU before you call me a liar.

I lived in Pembroke College. Ironically, my window opened to a small street where there is a plaque  commemorating the medieval Jewish community that lived there. I do not know what my official status was, though I receive alumni emails and solicitations for what it is worth. The Pembroke College professor who arranged my program was Dr. Alan Jones from the Oriental Institute. He passed away about ten years ago. He arranged tutorials at the Oxford Institute for Hebrew and Jewish studies on St Giles. 

I visited Yarnton manor a few times but my studies were in town. I had tutorials with Rabbi Dr Norman Solomon, Dr Noah Lucas, Dr Dov Ber Kerler, and Dr Daniel Frank, to name a few that I recall. As far as I was concerned, I studied at Oxford and was part of Pembroke College. I received full credit for all of my coursework. I don't think I am misrepresenting anything.

As per my yeshiva education- Although I am a frequenter contributor to, I did not study in Aish haTorah.

My undergraduate information is part of my bio. It is irrelevant to my training in therapy.

I have a master's of science in counseling psychology. That is the equivalent of an MSW. I took post-licensure course work as well as 3,000 of supervised hours. With that I earned an LCPC, the equivalent of an LCSW. Yes, I do not have a Phd. Many therapists do not, but these licensed mental health professionals are eligible for 3rd party reimbursement.

As per my post-master's training in marriage counseling. I did not take a "course" as WIT implied like her brother (I did have a marriage and family course in my master's program though). I have nearly ten years of training in Imago therapy and am an Advanced Clinican in Imago Therapy. I edited and co-authored Couplehood as a Spiritual Path: The Imago Journey for Jewish Couples with Imago founder Dr Harville Hendrix. 

You can feel free to research Imago if you wish. It has been around for over 30 years and there are thousands of therapists worldwide. I take my job seriously and feel very strongly about what I do. My passion has been to transmit the power of Imago to the Jewish community and to help transform the lives of couples and families who are suffering.

Again, I hope that I clarified some of the misinformation that was fabricated in the comments. If any of you would like to contact me directly, please feel free to email or call. My contact info is on my website.